≋ 50k⚡℧W ≋

Welcome to
50,000 Unstoppable Watts

A Zello Channel for Radio Enthusiasts of All Types

About this Channel:

PUSH-TO-TALK with other people WORLDWIDE about 2-way Radios, Gadgets, Tech, Astronomy, Cars, Music, Movies, Sports, Comics, or anything that's on your mind. Just keep it laid back and chill.

I consider this channel a "Gateway Channel", meaning this is also where users new to Zello can come to learn more about Zello, find other cool channels, or find out about other Network Radio apps as well.

Where to find this channel in the Zello Application

I have a page dedicated to just this. I give multiple ways on how to add it to your channel line up.

Origin of the Channel Name:

The actual name of the channel is borrowed from a song from the band Clutch. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EfM6Ymr2ea0)

What is the demeaner of the channel?

The channel motto goes like this: "More civilized than CB Radio, Less uptight than Ham". Just keep it civilized. here's more info.

What does ≋ 50k⚡℧W ≋ (or 50kUW) mean?

This is simply an abbreviation:

  • 50k = 50,000

  • The lightning bolt is there just for looks..

  • Ω is the symbol for ohms - which is a measurement of resistance. When I think of resistance, I think of slowing down or stopping. However, is an upside down ohms symbol, which used to be a measurement of electrical conductance called "mho". The new measurement of electrical conductance is now called Siemens with a symbol of "S"...... Anyway, when I think of conductance, I think of moving, or *not* slowing down or stopping. So I decided to use the old "mho" symbol as the "U" for Unstoppable.

  • And a capital W is the electrical symbol for Watts.

So there you go.

Are non-CBers and non-Hams invited to the channel?

Absolutely! Come one come all. No FCC license needed... Just read and understand the channel rules.

Listen Live:

You can listen into the conversation live from your web browser. SIMPLY UN-MUTE THE AUDIO TO LISTEN. The channel isn't active 24/7.. Feel free to keep this on until you hear activity.

Don't forget to unmute ↓↓↓

About the Owner of the Channel:

I've been a radio enthusiast all my life. I've always had a CB, Scanner, or Shortwave radio on in the background. I used to spend a great deal of time "tweaking and peaking" CB's and getting the most wattage and audio out of them as possible.

I've yet to get my Ham license, but...... I'm trying to gain my interest back. There are several aspects of Ham that I've totally disliked. Maybe one day... For now, I'm all about Zello. There are Channels out there for everyone, and this one sits right between the worlds of CB and Ham Radio